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Adventures in Comedy

Welcome to the Blog! Here you can find the golden insights and sage wisdom of a soul well-traveled. Or, put another way...the ramblings of one Mark Angelo - Entertainer, Comedian, Juggler, Mammal.

Check back periodically to see what magic lies behind the curtain!

The Journey to Late Night Stardom

Have you ever watched a program on TV, and wondered just what it looked like on the other side of the lens? Of course you have. I remember watching several of my comedy idols on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Comic Strip Live, and Conan O'Brien, imagining what it would feel like to actually...

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When you hire a comedian, you may be getting only half the show

There are all kinds of comedians - dry, slapstick, surreal, dirty, g-rated - but they generally share one trait - they are up there with nothing but a microphone. It's their brain and body and the audience. A great many do a fabulous job with those ingredients and nothing more; however, you may be...

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Marketing For Providers of Entertainment

You are, naturally, the person most familiar with your product. You know all of the ways it can benefit a potential client. It doesn't matter how great that product is, though, if nobody knows about it. As P.T. Barnum said, "Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!" Social...

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A Different Way to View Your Entertainment Budget

You're planning a big awards dinner banquet. You've secured the caterer with the fabulous 5-course meal, a sizzling-hot band, and the best photographers money can buy - it's shaping up to be a terrific event. Maximize the Evening's PotentialWith all this expense to make the evening the best that...

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